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Auto Drivers & Accident Forgiveness

At M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., we’re committed to providing a safety net for those unexpected moments on the road in Albany, NY. That’s precisely why we introduced our Accident Forgiveness program – a feature tailored for the responsible drivers of New York.

Empathetic Approach to Accidents

Accident Forgiveness is more than just a policy feature; it reflects our empathetic approach to insurance. We understand that even the most cautious drivers can have a bad day. This program ensures that your first at-fault accident won’t lead to an increase in your premium rates. It’s our way of standing by you when you need it the most.

Eligibility Criteria

Most drivers with a clean driving record are eligible for this program. It’s our reward to you for your commitment to safe driving. Eligibility is generally based on your driving history, ensuring that responsible driving is acknowledged and rewarded.

The Importance of Accident Forgiveness

An accident can be a jarring experience, but facing increased insurance rates afterward can add to the distress. This program is designed to alleviate that financial worry, allowing you to focus on what matters most – getting back on track.

Seamless Policy Enhancement

Integrating Accident Forgiveness into your policy is seamless with M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. Our team in Albany, NY is dedicated to making the process transparent and straightforward, ensuring your policy accurately reflects your lifestyle and needs.

At M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., we’re not just insurers; we’re partners in your journey. We’re here to support and protect you as you navigate the roads of life.

Looking for comprehensive protection on the road?

Contact M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. today. Let us help you drive with confidence and peace of mind in Albany, NY.


When an International Visitor Asks to Borrow Your Car

You may be aware that you can usually rent a car in another country using your U.S. driver’s license and additional paperwork, but what about an international visitor just asking to borrow your car? Perhaps your friend from over the border or across the world is visiting for a couple of weeks and staying at your home. You might decide to decline because you don’t know the implications of letting them drive your personal car with your insurance. After all, they don’t have U.S. insurance, so it’s different from a friend or neighbor from around town or even another state asking to use your vehicle.

You might also just decide to "risk it," with all the nightmares that evoke for insurance professionals who know what could be at stake.

We’re Here to Answer Cross-Border Questions

For our M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. customers in Albany, NY, the question of international driving comes up more often because the Canadian border is not so far away. Similar questions arise these days for people visiting while attending a university, family and friends from overseas, or even people new to the community from other countries. 

International Driving Permits

According to the NY DMV, International Driving Permits are not required to drive here, even if you’re from another country besides Canada and Mexico, but they can be helpful. They provide information in English about your license that helps authorities in New York determine that you have a valid driver’s license. When traveling overseas, these easily obtained documents are sometimes required. For your specific situation, such as long-term stay, student or learner’s permit from another jurisdiction, or if you want to adjust your coverage, M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. is ready to help you in Albany, NY!

Securing Your Business Fortunes: The Definitive Guide to Commercial Insurance

Unexpected changes are inevitable in the fast-paced business world. Savvy business owners in Albany, NY are turning to commercial insurance to secure their business fortunes from unforeseen risks. M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. can help you understand the basics of how commercial insurance works. 

Commercial Insurance Basics 

The terms commercial insurance and business insurance are interchangeable. Business insurance is designed to protect business owners from the devastating financial losses associated with unexpected events like natural disasters or theft that can cause indefinite shutdowns. 

Today’s business owners get general liability insurance to protect their business finances from legal claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury that occur during the course of business. Get commercial property insurance to protect your physical business assets, including buildings, equipment, and inventory, from fire damage, theft, or natural disasters that can lead to flooding. 

Business interruption insurance can help to cover losses related to indefinite business shutdowns.  Talk to a trusted insurance agent at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. To learn how business interruption insurance can help your business recover lost revenue and operating expenses in the event of a disaster. 

New York business owners who get errors and omissions insurance are protected from claims related to professional liability. This insurance helps protect business owners of all sizes from negligence or quality of service claims. 

Reach Out To Us

Don’t wait until it is too late to protect your business. Reach out to a trusted insurance agent at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. in Albany, NY to learn about the benefits of commercial insurance in New York. 

An Uninsured Home is a Vulnerable Home

Albany, NY is a great place to call home. Like any home anywhere, however, there are more than a few reasons why home insurance is a good idea. From the financial help provided when homes are damaged to protection against liability and other concerns, insurance makes a difference when we need it most. That is also where the experienced and professional team at the M&K Dignum Insurance Agency can help.

From its culture to its villages and suburbs and rich history, New York is a place where many people build their hopes and dreams. For many of us, that includes the pride and joy of being a homeowner. At M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., we take pride and joy in helping families protect their homes and their hopes and dreams.

Home Insurance for NY Residents

Many of us will never experience damage as a result of a fire, flood, tornado, storm, or any other potentially catastrophic event. That is the good news. The bad news is many of us will. In fact, according to statistics, there are more than 350,000 house fires on average each year in the US.

The cost of restoration, recovery, and repairs for incidents like fires, flooding, and storms is also one more burden and considerable expense that homeowners must face in the aftermath of these events. These are also a few more good reasons to consider home insurance and to ensure that your policy is up-to-date.

We Are Here To Help

Thank you for visiting the M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. If you live in or around Albany, NY and are in the market for home insurance or want to learn more, we can help. An uninsured home is a vulnerable home. We invite you to contact us today to get the home insurance you need and the protection you deserve.

Required Auto Insurance in New York

When you own a vehicle in New York, you’re required to get an auto insurance policy for it. You have to have this policy in place before you can register your vehicle. And if your coverage isn’t kept, your vehicle’s registration and even your driver’s license can be suspended by the DMV. Make sure that you have a policy for as long as you own your car or truck, and carry proof of the policy with you. When you’re in need of an auto policy, call us at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. in Albany, NY.

Required Coverage

There are different types of coverage in every auto insurance policy. Yours in New York must contain a total of five amounts of coverage for liability. The first is an amount for property damage liability. This pays for the damage to someone else’s property, such as their vehicle, in an accident that you caused. Then, there is an amount of bodily injury liability for one person and an amount for the death of one person in an accident. In addition, there is an amount for the bodily injury of two or more people and an amount for the death of all of the people killed in the accident. All of these amounts have strict minimums, but you can generally add to your liability coverage if you wish. 

Other Auto Coverage

You can also get non-required overage types in your policy. These include both comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. When you have comprehensive insurance, it offers protection against many of the risks your vehicle faces when you aren’t driving it. Collision insurance pays for the damage that happens to your car or truck when you’re in an accident that you caused. 

Get Auto Insurance Today

To get your auto insurance, call us at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. in Albany, NY. 

Slippery When Wet

Sad to say, some people make a living out of doing this; they spill some water on the floor at a place of business and take a pratfall. They pretend to be badly hurt and threaten to sue the business. Let’s say you have commercial insurance. (You really should)! 

Here’s how to protect yourself from such fraud:

How to Smell a Rat 

When a person is legitimately injured, their first thought is to make the pain stop or at least prevent it from getting worse. Are they assigning blame and threatening to sue before even dealing with their "injury"? Beware when someone injured at your business declines medical attention or won’t provide medical records. If this person has a record of frequently suing for injury, you may be the latest in a line of suckers. Don’t be fooled by witnesses. They may be in on it. The surest way to prevent being taken by these con artists is video surveillance and lots of it. The camera never lies.  

How to Report a Fraud 

You have both a right and an obligation to report and prevent fraud. Doing so may grant you civil immunity. This means you will have a legal defense against any lawsuit for libel or slander barring the event that it can be proven that you made the report with malice, fraudulent intent, or bad faith. (We’ll kindly assume that you didn’t.) If you believe a claim against you is fraudulent, contact your insurance company immediately and work with them. They should give you advice on what to do. You may not have to go to court, but make it clear that you’re not afraid to take it that far. 

Looking for Insurance in Albany, NY? M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. is Here to Assist!

As a business owner, you know how important commercial insurance is. M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. serves the greater Albany, NY community and we are committed to seeing that you are treated fairly. 

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood When Buying Your First Home

Choosing the right neighborhood here in the Albany, NY area when buying your first home is an important step in the home-buying process. You want to make sure you’re making an informed decision and that you’re selecting an area that meets all of your needs.

Here are some tips from us at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. to help you choose the perfect neighborhood: 

1. Do Your Research

Before you start looking for houses, do your homework and research neighborhoods to find out what each area has to offer. Look at crime rates, average property values, schools, demographics, and economic indicators. Knowing what’s available in a particular area can help you narrow down your choices. 

2. Visit the Neighborhood

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential neighborhoods, take a tour of them in person. Talk to local residents and business owners about their experiences living there; see how well-maintained the properties are; check out nearby amenities like parks or public transportation; and analyze traffic patterns. 

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Think about what elements are most important to you in a neighborhood: Is it walkability? Proximity to shops or restaurants? Accessibility to entertainment? These details will be unique for every buyer so take time to consider how each aspect of a particular area fits into your lifestyle before making a purchase decision. 

4. Think Long Term

 When buying your first home, ask yourself whether this is the kind of place where you can see yourself living long-term as well as now. 

We Can Help!

For more tips or information on a home insurance policy to cover your new home, give us at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. a call today. We are proud to serve the Albany, NY area.

Auto Insurance Myths Debunked

Do you own a vehicle in Albany, NY? Insurance is a big factor for any motorist. Unfortunately, there are a lot of false statements out there. At M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., we help our clients get what they need. Below are some common misconceptions about it debunked by our insurance experts. 

Common Auto Insurance Myths

The first biggest myth is thinking the color of your vehicle matters. It’s common to think that the color of your vehicle affects auto insurance rates. That has no effect on your premiums. Important factors include the age of the car, driving history, and sometimes your credit.

You have probably considered what coverage you need for your vehicle. You might think it’s reasonable only to carry only minimum liability insurance. That’s your personal choice. However, if you have an accident, you could be missing out on what you need to get help for the damages. Regarding your options for coverage, you have most likely heard of comprehensive insurance. You also can choose whether or not to add this to your policy. Many motorists think it’s unnecessary, but that could also be a mistake. It can protect you should there be unexpected damage from a fire, flooding, or if someone breaks into your vehicle.

Finally, another myth is thinking you don’t need to review your policy annually. It’s important to look at your auto insurance policy every year. As you undergo life changes, you may need to modify your coverage accordingly.  Some examples could include the need for more coverage or adding a teenager to your insurance.

Find Out More About Auto Insurance In Albany, NY

M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. is your preferred insurance expert serving your area. Give us a call if you need to get a personalized estimate.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for an At-Home Business?

Owning your own business can be exciting and rewarding, but you have to make sure you’re protecting it. That will add to your peace of mind and help you focus on your customers, too. Most businesses need commercial insurance policies, which help protect the company, its employees, and clients who come to your location. If you’re in the Albany, NY area, M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help your business with its insurance needs.

What about if you have a home-based business?

Does your home insurance or renters insurance protect you, or do you need a commercial policy? While every situation is different, it most likely depends on what kind of business you’re operating. A fully online service business is a lot different from an in-person company where clients or customers are coming to your home.

The best way to find out if you need a commercial insurance policy for your at-home business is to work with a trusted insurance agent who can give you good information. Working online in customer service, for example, isn’t going to require the same kind of insurance as someone who’s cutting hair or selling items from their home.

If clients are coming to you in person, you might have liability risks if one of those clients gets injured on your property. That could mean you need a commercial policy to protect your business and reduce your risk as a homeowner, as well. Finding out for sure can help you and your agent work together to get the best coverage for your situation.

Reach Out To Us

If you’re in the Albany, NY area, reach out to us at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., and let us help you find the right policy for your needs. Whether that’s a commercial policy for your at-home business or another type of coverage, we’re here to help.

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer, and warmer temperatures are on the breezes. That could only mean one thing: Spring is arriving. And with it, there are exciting things you need to do with your yard. Here are some key ways you can get your yard ready for spring, courtesy of M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. serving Albany, NY.

Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

Weed and trim

Out with the old and in with the new. Trim all trees and other foliage as needed. Also weed areas such as where there are plants and shrubs.

Planting a garden

Get out there and plant your seeds for a thriving vegetable garden. Or you can plant small vegetable plants that you can buy from a gardening store. Either way, in seemingly no time you will have delectable vegetables to enjoy all season and preserve for the winter. Also, consider adding compost to your yard.

Planting landscaping

You can also get creative by planting new landscaping in your yard. That could take the form of bushes, shrubs, trees, and more. Consider updating your lawn as needed. You might want to add a water feature like a small pond or fountain too.

Cleaning and maintaining deck and sidewalks

For warm-weather entertaining and relaxing, think about cleaning and maintaining your deck or patio. Or add a deck or patio if you do not already have one. Also, do whatever work is necessary to keep your sidewalks and other walkways in great and safe shape. You might need to hire professional companies to handle some of those projects.

Get organized and creative, and then tackle these fulfilling projects. If you need any further details on keeping your yard in tip-top shape, including when it comes to safety, feel free to contact M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. serving Albany, NY.

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