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Slippery When Wet

Sad to say, some people make a living out of doing this; they spill some water on the floor at a place of business and take a pratfall. They pretend to be badly hurt and threaten to sue the business. Let’s say you have commercial insurance. (You really should)! 

Here’s how to protect yourself from such fraud:

How to Smell a Rat 

When a person is legitimately injured, their first thought is to make the pain stop or at least prevent it from getting worse. Are they assigning blame and threatening to sue before even dealing with their "injury"? Beware when someone injured at your business declines medical attention or won’t provide medical records. If this person has a record of frequently suing for injury, you may be the latest in a line of suckers. Don’t be fooled by witnesses. They may be in on it. The surest way to prevent being taken by these con artists is video surveillance and lots of it. The camera never lies.  

How to Report a Fraud 

You have both a right and an obligation to report and prevent fraud. Doing so may grant you civil immunity. This means you will have a legal defense against any lawsuit for libel or slander barring the event that it can be proven that you made the report with malice, fraudulent intent, or bad faith. (We’ll kindly assume that you didn’t.) If you believe a claim against you is fraudulent, contact your insurance company immediately and work with them. They should give you advice on what to do. You may not have to go to court, but make it clear that you’re not afraid to take it that far. 

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As a business owner, you know how important commercial insurance is. M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. serves the greater Albany, NY community and we are committed to seeing that you are treated fairly. 

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