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Do You Need Commercial Insurance for an At-Home Business?

Owning your own business can be exciting and rewarding, but you have to make sure you’re protecting it. That will add to your peace of mind and help you focus on your customers, too. Most businesses need commercial insurance policies, which help protect the company, its employees, and clients who come to your location. If you’re in the Albany, NY area, M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help your business with its insurance needs.

What about if you have a home-based business?

Does your home insurance or renters insurance protect you, or do you need a commercial policy? While every situation is different, it most likely depends on what kind of business you’re operating. A fully online service business is a lot different from an in-person company where clients or customers are coming to your home.

The best way to find out if you need a commercial insurance policy for your at-home business is to work with a trusted insurance agent who can give you good information. Working online in customer service, for example, isn’t going to require the same kind of insurance as someone who’s cutting hair or selling items from their home.

If clients are coming to you in person, you might have liability risks if one of those clients gets injured on your property. That could mean you need a commercial policy to protect your business and reduce your risk as a homeowner, as well. Finding out for sure can help you and your agent work together to get the best coverage for your situation.

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If you’re in the Albany, NY area, reach out to us at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., and let us help you find the right policy for your needs. Whether that’s a commercial policy for your at-home business or another type of coverage, we’re here to help.

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