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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter in New York

Winter in the Northeast United States brings freezing temperatures and severe weather. Residents can face blizzards, ice storms, and more, and New York often sees several inches of snow throughout the season. Take steps to stay safe and protect your property this winter. We at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. have been providing home insurance coverage to the Albany, NY community over the years, and we can assist with all related concerns. 

What Are The Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter Storms? 

While winter storms are part of life for Albany, NY residents, you can take steps to prepare. Below are some suggestions to make sure you’re ready for winter storms. 

  • Before winter strikes, repair your roof and gutters. Heavy snow can put pressure on already damaged roofing. Make sure all gutters are clean and your roof is free of leaks and undamaged. 
  • Insulate any exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing. Frozen pipes can burst and cause water damage. 
  • Install weather stripping and insulation to keep the weather out and heat in. 
  • Warm, dry conditions caused by heaters and fireplaces can cause fires. Make sure all smoke detectors are working. Replace their batteries.
  • Snow-clogged chimneys and vents can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Check your carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries. Be sure they’re functioning correctly. 
  • Invest in a quality home insurance plan from an established firm, such as ours at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc.

Do You Need Home Insurance in New York? 

While different states and cities have specific requirements for insurance minimums, carrying home insurance is vital to protect your investment. Without home insurance, homeowners may be unable to afford home repairs following a severe winter storm. You should carry a policy that meets your needs, even when not legally required. 

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