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Why Add Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Commercial auto insurance is a must if you own a business in Albany, NY and surrounding areas. This type of coverage protects your business from financial losses because of accidents involving company-owned vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of delivery trucks or a single car used for business, commercial auto insurance can help keep your business afloat if an accident should occur.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is a type of business insurance that helps protect businesses from financial losses because of company-owned vehicle accidents. This coverage can help pay for repairs to the vehicle and medical expenses for any injuries caused by the accident. It can also help cover the cost of a rental car if your company vehicle is damaged in an accident and cannot be driven.

Many types of commercial auto insurance policies are available, so it is essential to talk to your insurance agent at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. about the right coverage for your business. Some businesses only need basic liability coverage, while others may benefit from more comprehensive policies covering property damage and bodily injury. No matter what type of policy you choose, commercial auto insurance can help protect your business from the financial burden of an accident.

Why You Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Albany, NY

Commercial auto insurance is a must if you own a business in Albany, NY. This type of coverage protects your business from financial losses because of accidents involving company-owned vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of delivery trucks or a single car used for business, commercial auto insurance can help keep your business afloat if an accident should occur.

To learn more about commercial auto insurance and how it can benefit your business, contact M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. today.

Is It Time for an Auto Insurance Audit?

If you’ve had an auto insurance policy for a long period of time, you might want to consider reviewing it and making some changes. It’s easy to get a policy and just renew it as required, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best policy for you as your needs change.

If you’re in the Albany, NY area, reaching out to M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. can help you get a great auto policy audit that will help you make adjustments to your coverage. 

Is It Time for an Auto Insurance Audit?

Adding a driver or changing vehicles are two very common reasons why someone would choose to update their policy. But you also want to make updates if you move, or if you have other significant changes in your life.

Reaching out to ask questions about your policy is a good idea anytime changes are made, and many people review their policies when they renew them, as well. Depending on your needs and personal situation, it might be possible for you to find a better policy that more accurately reflects your needs.

Working with a trusted insurance agent is the best way to be sure you’re finding a policy that gives you strong coverage and protects what matters. You can do that more easily by talking to an agent who can help you audit your current policy, discuss any potential coverage changes, and show you options that will help meet all your requirements.

Contact Us Today

Reach out to the M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. if you’re in the Albany, NY area and interested in an auto insurance audit. Not only will that help you have more peace of mind, but it could give you additional coverage and protection that you don’t currently have.

Protecting yourself and others on the road is important, and we’re here to make it easier.

Homeowners Insurance Options In Albany, NY

When you’re looking for homeowners insurance, M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. can help. Finding the right homeowners’ insurance policy is essential for providing adequate coverage for your home. As a resident of Albany, NY, here are the homeowners’ insurance options you need to know about.

Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing Homeowners Insurance

There are different factors you need to consider when you’re thinking about insurance for your home, such as the size of your home and the type of home you’re insuring.

Included Coverage Options in A Homeowners Insurance Policy

There are different coverage options included in this policy:

  • Dwelling insurance
  • Possessions insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Loss of use insurance

Dwelling insurance is coverage that helps you repair your home when it’s damaged. Possessions insurance makes sure your personal belongings, such as electronics, clothes, and furniture, are insured if they are damaged. Liability insurance helps cover the cost of third-party property damage and injuries caused by negligence or mistakes. Loss of use insurance helps you cover the cost of hotel bills when your home is severely damaged and uninhabitable, causing you to be temporarily displaced.

Specialty Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

Standard homeowners insurance options give you the ability to choose different enhanced coverage. This enhanced coverage can include:

  • Scheduled items riders
  • Secure backup coverage
  • Equipment breakdown endorsements
  • Medical payments insurance
  • Detached structure coverage

These specialty homeowners insurance coverage options are not required to be added to your initial homeowners’ insurance policy.

 Here at M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc., we are here to help you with your homeowners’ insurance needs in Albany, NY as well as commercial and auto insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance services. We look forward to helping you!

All You Need To Know About Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is the type of insurance that covers cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other road vehicles. If you are a car owner, and you live in the state of New York, you should know that auto insurance is mandatory, and driving without it is illegal. If you are currently shopping for auto insurance, here is what you need to know about it. 

What Should You Know About Auto Insurance?

  • There are certain factors that have an impact on the cost of auto insurance. These factors are the type and model of your car, your driving habits, demographic factors, deductibles you choose, your credit, and some others. 
  • There are ways to lower your auto insurance costs. One of them is to use discounts. To know whether you are eligible for any discounts, you need to talk to an insurance agent of insurance company and negotiate and costs of insurance. 
  • There is a difference between collision and comprehensive coverage. Many people do not know the difference between these two types of coverage. The difference is that comprehensive coverage provides protection against damage and theft, while collision coverage reimburses you from damage as a result of a collision. 

M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. – Your Trustworthy Insurance Company In New York

Are you a car owner living and driving in the state of New York? Are you looking for a new insurance policy in Albany NY or any other nearby town? Then, contact M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. which specializes in all types of insurance, including auto insurance as well Our knowledgeable insurance agents serving clients in Albany NY and other surrounding areas will help you find a perfect policy based on your insurance needs and preferences. Do not hesitate to visit our website for more information or give us a call. 

4 Benefits of home insurance in Albany, NY

Owning a home is an investment. Home insurance helps protect what you value most.

Home insurance grants safety, security, and peace of mind. But, there are also very real, tangible benefits.

M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. can help. Serving Albany, NY, their professional agents share four ways home insurance policies provide the necessary protection.

Protects property

Unsurprisingly, home insurance protects your primary dwelling. In fact, this is the biggest benefit of home insurance. If damage does occur, these policies can reimburse for any needed replacements or repairs. This protection extends to other areas of your property too. Detached garages, sheds, fences, and decks could all be covered.

Covers possessions

The contents inside the home are protected too. Personal property coverage may pay for any belongings that are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Policy limits vary greatly, so it’s important to take an inventory of your possessions when finding the right coverage. Appliances, furniture, electronics, and other valuables are likely covered.

Provides liability protection

Nearly any insurance plan will include liability. If you are determined to be legally responsible for an accident on your property, liability protection kicks in. While your repair costs are already covered, these plans may also reimburse legal fees and medical bills that were incurred as a result of this incident.

Offers loss of use protection

Unexpected disasters are unavoidable. If a storm or other catastrophe forces you to temporarily relocate, your policy may pay for additional living expenses. This includes food, lodging, and any increased travel costs.

Contact M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc.

Serving Albany, NY, the agency can set up a personalized home insurance policy that keeps you and your family protected. Access to all the benefits of home insurance is only a phone call away. Schedule an appointment today.

Commercial insurance: Answering 5 FAQ about policies in Albany, NY

Any small business is a big investment.

M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc. can help ensure it’s protected. The agency answers five common questions about the importance of commercial insurance.

What is commercial insurance?

Simply put: commercial insurance protects your business. These policies cover companies, corporations, and other entities. Coverage varies but may include loss due to vandalism, theft, injury, damage, or even lawsuits. Employees and staff are covered while at work.

Why do I need commercial insurance?

Owning a business is already risky. Commercial insurance minimizes risk by safeguarding your investment. In the event of an accident or if loss does occur, this plan will help you recover. Commercial insurance grants peace of mind, so you can focus on growing your business.

What’s included in commercial insurance?

Every plan is unique. However, most commercial policies contain similar features. Premiums, the amount a business will pay for coverage, varies based on work performed, size, and years of service. If you file a claim, you will also pay a deductible. Your policy will establish clear limits, exclusions, and other restrictions too.

What types of coverage are available?

While any plan can be personalized, commercial insurance usually offers three primary coverage areas.. Property insurance safeguards the physical location of a company and any equipment. Liability coverage protects against bodily injury and other damage if you are determined to be at fault. Finally, income insurance reimburses for any loss of revenue caused by an incident.

What types of insurance are required?

Businesses typically require more than one type of insurance depending on work and services provided. Only a professional agent can evaluate your needs and find the right solution.

Contact M&K Dignum Insurance Agency Inc.

Serving Albany, NY, the agency can construct a commercial insurance policy that protects you and your business. Call today. 

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